Whether it is UAE or any other country, there are several milestones in a business venture. It is a humongous process that requires a lot of research, learning, determination, & other soft skills.  

UAE is a premium destination for investors & entrepreneurs. If they want to make their corporate debut or if they want to develop a new business infrastructure, then UAE is the place! 

We cannot neglect the fact that it does require expert support. Brace, as a corporate service provider, helps you to make your dream conglomerate a reality. We assist you in:

  1. Choosing the form of the company from LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Branch, Subsidiary, Representative Office, and Joint Venture. 
  2. Meeting the company’s requirements like various tax structures, liabilities, business requirements, process, paperwork, timelines.
  3. And everything else that comes before, between, & after this. 

 Our 15 years of expertise in company formation & contriving conglomerate businesses has accredited us to design edifice and plans that satisfy the needs of our customers. Our skilled & excellent team is here to solve all your problems related to the formation & administration of your company. Handling the core business and the company administration is quite tiresome. But it will be easy and smooth when BRACE Corporate Services get into action. We provide you complete aid in the following aspects:


Company License Renewal


Establishment Card Renewals


Accounting and Bookkeeping


KYC Update


Immigration Services


VAT Registration and Filing


Tenancy Renewals


Company Amendments