Are you concerned about the legalities & whereabouts of starting a business in the UAE? About the prerequisite that 50% of the shares must be held by a UAE national?  

Well, you don’t need to elude from your aspiration of a conglomerate business venture in Dubai. There marks the subsistence of free zone company formation where 100% foreign partnerships are allowed. The following aspects of this form of company formation had made it famous among the entrepreneurs and proprietors who aspire to set forth into a new business enterprise:

  1. The free zone, widely termed as free trade zone, is an economic region set by the government to promote foreign nationals to hold 100% ownership and flexibility on taxes during the setting up of businesses.
  1. Each zone is divergent from each other based on:
    • Cost
    • Requirement
    • Legal structure
    • Restrictions
    • The jurisdiction of the area fits every sort of economic activity.
    • The bifurcation of the region is carried out based on business activities.
  2. It doesn’t include any taxes on the following types to hold a business:
    • Corporate tax
    • Personal income tax 
  3. Ease in attaining UAE resident visa.
  4. It enables the availability of flexible office solutions.
  5. Dexterity in hiring expatriate staff.
  6. It ostracizes you from all import and export duties, requisites for venturing into international businesses.

The imperative structure that we molded or mould to accomplish your needs are:

  • Minimum Capital Requirement
  • Annual Audit Requirements
  • Current Nature of Your Business
  • Expansion Plans
  • Company Structure
  • Office Solutions
  • Visa Requirements
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Other Compliance